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One of the many things you pro­ba­bly did not re­ally think about be­fore be­co­ming par­ents is the amount of clo­thes shop­ping that co­mes along. Let me tell you, it is a lot. Some peo­ple love it, some hate it. All have to deal with the same ques­tion: how can I dress my kid pro­perly and en­sure that they con­ti­nue to have a pla­net to live on? I spoke to Anne, Foun­der of so­last­se­a­sons about how to make sus­tainable kids’ fa­shion ac­ces­si­ble for ever­yone, about truck­loads of lef­to­vers that over­flowing land­fills and how we can con­tri­bute to re­du­cing the in­cre­di­ble amount of clot­hing waste of this world. While we can­not save the world sin­gle han­dedly, there is a lot we can do even wi­t­hout big compromises.

Truckloads of leftover in landfills

Land­fill of was­ted clo­thes as we find it in Chile, Ghana and many other less de­ve­lo­ped countries

Every second, a truckload of clothes is dumped in a landfill

Sta­tis­tics and pic­tures like these were one of the re­asons why Anne star­ted to think about how she could make a dif­fe­rence in kids’ fa­shion. As a mom of two hers­elf, she has been li­ving out­side her home coun­try Den­mark for many ye­ars. Working for dif­fe­rent com­pa­nies, Anne was only thin­king about want could be done about this is­sue. About a year ago she swit­ched ge­ars from thin­king to doing.

I want to make a difference

Anne, Founder of solastseasonsOn a sunny Tues­day mor­ning, I felt in­stantly con­nec­ted when this fri­endly, en­er­ge­tic, blonde wo­man ap­peared on my screen. You can tell that she is on a mis­sion, and it is a good one to have. Ma­king sus­tainable fa­shion ac­ces­si­ble to all. There are a lot of brands out there that pro­duce sus­tainable and fair kids’ clo­thes. Most of them are from Scan­di­na­via and in­cre­di­bly ex­pen­sive. Be­ing out of fi­nan­cial reach, a lot of new par­ents pick more af­forda­ble brands and of­ten end up with fast fa­shion stores like H&M, Zara, UNIQLO, etc. wi­t­hout kno­wing the im­pact that these brands have on our pla­net. Re­se­arch says that Fast Fa­shion Brands com­prise 10% of to­tal glo­bal car­bon emis­si­ons. As a com­pa­ri­son, that is as much as the en­tire EU.

People want to, but it needs to be easy and affordable

Anne is con­vin­ced, that peo­ple want to be more sus­tainable. Ho­we­ver, it must be easy, af­forda­ble and look as good. She rea­li­sed that her fa­vou­rite brands also have a lot of ex­cess stock and that the dif­fe­rence bet­ween the sea­sons are pretty much zero. Her idea got a lot clea­rer and she rol­led up her sleeves.

No difference between this and last season

Do you think our kids care about the dif­fe­rence of these two seasons?

She no­ted down a list of brands she wan­ted to work with and cont­ac­ted them all. Don’t mi­sun­derstand, she had to ac­cept a lot of “Nos” that see­med to prove right the peo­ple who told her up­front that it would never work. Ho­we­ver, once you have a pur­pose, you have a dif­fe­rent per­sis­tence. And here we are, fast for­ward one year. Anne has con­vin­ced over 15 brands that gi­ving their clo­thes a 2nd chance with con­su­mers is much bet­ter for ever­yone than fil­ling up more landfills.

Fast delivery and free returns is a must

You can tell that Anne is very proud of how far she has come in just one year. She purcha­ses di­rectly from her fa­vou­rite brands’ ex­cess stock and ships it in empty truck slots to Switz­er­land. That me­ans, she buys clo­thes that would other­wise end up in land­fills. She uses se­ve­ral small, unu­sed slots on trucks that run any­ways from the Nor­dics to us. With the built up stock, she can make sus­tainable kids’ fa­shion ac­ces­si­ble, af­forda­ble and easy to or­der for users all over Switz­er­land. She is con­vin­ced like this peo­ple will re­duce their fast fa­shion purchases.

Be­fore wri­ting about and re­com­men­ding so­last­se­a­sons, I or­de­red for my little girl myelf. Let me tell you, Anne can de­fi­ni­tely be proud of how far she got in only one year. She is al­re­ady ta­king a large step towards more sus­tainable kids’ fa­shion, and we are ex­ci­ted to see more.

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