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This is our story
Our story starts with being overwhelmed during my own pregnancy

And then I was pregnant .. I al­ways wan­ted to have kids, but so far my ab­so­lute fo­cus was on my career. I had a de­man­ding job that did not leave much time to re­se­arch about all the to­pics around pregnancy. Very of­ten I was sim­ply done at then end of the day and happy to shut down the com­pu­ter ra­ther than start­ing to ask google about all the to­pics in my head. When I had the time I was to­tally over­whel­med with the amount of in­for­ma­tion you find online.

The right products at the right time during pregnancy

Nine months la­ter the little girl was here and the love I feel for this little hu­man is im­pos­si­ble to de­scribe. In the state of hap­pi­ness, I won­de­red how I can sup­port all the other wo­men th­roug­hout their pregnancy and first months af­ter birth, that are also jugg­ling with a mil­lion things at the same time. And there the idea of Hap­py­Box star­ted to evolve. Part­ner and pro­ducts are sel­ec­ted with great care. It was very im­portant to us that sus­taina­bi­lity and qua­lity are the main cri­te­ria. But also that, when­ever pos­si­ble, they are fa­mily busi­nesses from Switz­er­land and run by a wo­man. In ge­ne­ral, we think that when­ever we can sup­port a wo­man, let’s do it!

Tips & tricks for pregnancy

In the sec­tion Good to know we will com­pile more and more ar­tic­les, tips, tricks and links with the aim of ma­king it ea­sier and fas­ter for other wo­men to na­vi­gate th­rough the ex­ci­ting phase and the as­so­cia­ted pit­falls. Much can be found in the end­less depths of the in­ter­net. We re­fer to it and make your search as easy as possible.

Nice to have you here and thank you for your in­te­rest in our story.